Tiny Wings HD

An update to Tiny Wings HD was released yesterday by developer Andreas Illiger, who rose to fame last year as an independent (actually, individual!) iOS game designer. Illiger's original version won iPhone Game of the Year for 2011, and the fact that he released a version "2.0" upgrade at no charge is remarkable. Tiny Wings HD is a game with one primary goal: "keep moving". You're a bird who can only fly a little way at a time, and you time screen taps to dive-bomb onto down-slopes of rolling hills for boosts of momentum. The 2.0 content update adds several much-needed features and new game modes (Day Trip, Flight School, and Hill Party), and new levels and characters. Unfortunately Tiny Wings still suffers from repetition and limited variety. I would love to see much more done with the environments, obstacles, etc. I kept imagining what the game might be like with variable weather, for instance (flying in the rain? Random wind gusts? Tornado boss level?) iPad users can still check out the original Free version of the game, but purchasing the HD version will set you back $2.99.

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