Popcap's darling game Peggle is one of their most original and addictive. It's been ported across many different game systems, but it's only 99 cents now on iOS. The game is essentially Plinko from The Price is Right meets classic pinball. Players fire a ball from the top down trying to hit as many colored pegs as possible for maximum pointage. As you play through the tons of levels included in this game, you'll take on the persona of different hilarious characters, and have the opportunity to use their powers, like slowing down time, getting extra balls, or aim assist. There is tons of content in this game, including a very fun multiplayer. My only complaint for the iOS version is the "fire" button is awkwardly placed in the bottom right hand of the screen. It would be nice if you could tap anywhere to fire, or have an alternate location for it. Overall, it's a fun, addictive game with a great sense of humor and style. A must buy.


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