Kingdom Rush

The iPad is ideally suited to almost any game in the top-down strategy genre, specifically tower-defense or RTS games. Thankfully, the best tower-defense game I've ever played has been released and recently updated on iOS. Called Kingdom Rush, players strategically place their defenses on a battlefield to defend against a progressively more difficult stream of invaders. The art style is fantastic, bright and cartoony with a great sense of humor - though vaguely reminiscent of the fantasy worlds in World of Warcraft and, more recently on iOS, Hero Academy. The game is incredibly addictive and satisfying as you build and upgrade archery towers, barracks, and cannons in game with cash you get from killing invaders. Between games, you'll want to spend the stars you accumulate from winning to upgrade a ton of perks. Later in the game, when it becomes excruciatingly difficult, you'll have to grind to get those perks to even have a chance of winning. But I didn't mind - it's that much fun. At $3, this game is a steal.

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